Consultancy is the backbone of the firm. Our consultancy is designed to provide solutions (but limited to) in the following areas

a) Corporate/business restructuring  b) Strategic planning and business systems  c) Business coaching  d) Sourcing funds

a) Corporate/Business Restructuring

Corporate/business restructuring is where we assist our clients in turning round their failing businesses. We come in and do an assessment of the level of failure and then employ customized tools to help turn round those businesses.

b) Strategic Planning and Business Systems

In strategic planning we assist the client to position the business to be competitive and to increase their market share in the industry and to dominate the niche. In coming up with a strategic plan we seek to answer 5 basic questions?

• Where do we want to go? i.e. come up with the vision

• Where are we now? i.e. conducting a situation analysis

• How do we get there? i.e. coming up with the strategies

• How do we know we are getting there? i.e. the monitoring and reviewing mechanisms

• How did we get here in the first place? i.e. conducting a historical analysis

As for business systems we believe that every business must have a framework on which it is built on. A system is basically Saving Your Self Time Energy & Money (SYSTEM). From research we have found out that 80% of the functions in a business are routine and 20% are the exceptions. Therefore, systematize the routine and humanize the exceptions. We believe success is having a profitable enterprise that is working without the presence of the owner. The main way that this is possible is when the business has systems. As SSI we come in to help you create these systems.