Consultancy is the backbone of the firm. Our consultancy is designed to provide solutions (but limited to) in the following areas

a) Corporate/business restructuring  b) Strategic planning and business systems  c) Business coaching  d) Sourcing funds

a) Corporate/Business Restructuring

Corporate/business restructuring is where we assist our clients in turning round their failing businesses. We come in and do an assessment of the level of failure and then employ customized tools to help turn round those businesses.

b) Strategic Planning and Business Systems

In strategic planning we assist the client to position the business to be competitive and to increase their market share in the industry and to dominate the niche. In coming up with a strategic plan we seek to answer 5 basic questions?

• Where do we want to go? i.e. come up with the vision

• Where are we now? i.e. conducting a situation analysis

• How do we get there? i.e. coming up with the strategies

• How do we know we are getting there? i.e. the monitoring and reviewing mechanisms

• How did we get here in the first place? i.e. conducting a historical analysis

As for business systems we believe that every business must have a framework on which it is built on. A system is basically Saving Your Self Time Energy & Money (SYSTEM). From research we have found out that 80% of the functions in a business are routine and 20% are the exceptions. Therefore, systematize the routine and humanize the exceptions. We believe success is having a profitable enterprise that is working without the presence of the owner. The main way that this is possible is when the business has systems. As SSI we come in to help you create these systems.

c) Business Coaching

Most people are familiar with the word "Coach" when applied to a sports context. A coach in sports assists the individual move from one level to another whether it's a beginner or even accomplished individuals. For instance Usain Bolt the Jamaican sprinter and World record holder of both the 100 meters and 200 meters always credits his achievements to his coach's regime and adheres to it strictly. Yet even though the concept of business coaching has not been very well appreciated, it is fast gaining ground. Business coaching is:

• Helping a person to move from where they are to where they need to get.

• Unlocking a person's inner potential to maximise their own performance.

• A dialogue between a business coach and a coachee within a productive, results-oriented context.

• Helping individual's access what they know. They may never have asked themselves the right questions, but they have the answers. A business coach assists supports and encourages individuals to find these answers.

• Is about learning and yet a coach is not a teacher per se, and does not necessary know how to do things better than the coachee. A good business coach can observe patterns, set the stage for new actions and then work with the individual to put these new, more successful actions into place. Business coaching involves learning. Through various coaching techniques and protocols such as listening, reflecting, asking questions, challenging and providing information, coachees become self correcting (they learn how to correct their behaviour themselves) and self-generating they generate their own questions and answers).

• More about asking the right questions than providing answers. A business coach forms a collaborative alliance with the individual to establish and clarify purpose and goals and to develop a plan of action to achieve these goals.

• About change and transformation, about the human ability to grow, to alter maladaptive behaviours and generate new, adaptive and successful actions. As most of us know, changing old patterns and habits can be difficult, even when we recognise that they are a disadvantage to us or holding us back. A business coach observes these habits, opens up new possibilities and supports us in sometimes difficult process of change.

• About reinventing oneself. Creating new stories, new identities and new futures. It recognises that the self is not a fixed entity, but is fluid and always in a state of change and becoming. Coaching is a journey where the journey is as important as the destination.

d) Sourcing Funds

It's obvious that funds are required to help a business grow or to start a business i.e. capital. However, not many people are aware of how to access funds from financial institutions. There is usually a disconnect between the entrepreneur and the financiers where the entrepreneurs cry "there is no money" whereas financiers cry "there are no deals" as SSI we come and solving this crying problem and assist both the entrepreneurs and financiers find each other and enter a mutually beneficial business relationship. We do this by listening to the entrepreneur(s) and then creating a business plan for them which we use to market them to our financiers that we already have a relationship with and then connect them for profitable relationship for both parties. We source clients from all industries and use the following category of financiers:

• Banks    • Venture capitalists   • Micro finance institutions   • Private equity firms   • Angel investors